Out to party.. met a great girl

We went out to a good party at R. club last night me and my friends – had an ok night in the beginning. No seriously hot girls or anything like that.

I had to wait for my friend (who’s a dj at another club) and while I was waiting for him to get into the club, I told him I’m going to show him how to talk to girls – I go in and for sure – I’m in! I talk to a chick and she says I’m mean and stuff like that – tongue in chick of course, attraction is spiking up.

She waits with me and the dj guy outside(great sign since all her friends went inside the club).

I talk with her for a while. Now, during our conversation she is heavily biting her lips. Does this mean she is hot for me? I get her to give me her hand – I just hold it and then slowly pull her in while looking her up and down with a seductive look. Pretty swift ha.

She doesn’t resist – I wait for at least 5-10 seconds while we stand next to each other with our faces brushing – and then I go for the kiss.

The whole thing was a big risk – I knew she was into me, but she was showing negative body language. I knew I could pull it off though – I just did what i did – she could say no but she didn’t.

So now I can’t wait for the dj guy to get in since the bouncers are being assholes about letting people in. I got to get back inside since I’ve got all my cards in the club.

We finally go inside and I pull the girl to the side and we go get my cards. Her friends show up and I know I’m in shit – they are going to pull her away.


I lead them all outside because they were whining about going home – they go home only on my conditions – not theirs. This is leading and being alpha, I learned this from Carlos Xuma (check him out).

I talk to them outside and my girl pulls me to the side and we have another heavy make out!

Now we built some rapport – I talk to all of them being confident and all. Her friends insist on going home so I cave in (don’t be a hardass, it doesn’t work). But I escort them. We walk a long ass time – and now I have troubles with her not holding my hand – this is crucial for me – she doesn’t trust me enough – I later find out she had troubles with trust – her father and her mother separated because he cheated on her and her mother deep seeded the distrust for men into her.

I persist and make her hold my hand and squeeze it – good she complies. We do some make out sessions on the way and we just make fun of each other. I love how she smiles – cute smiles totally melt me – I tell her that multiple times.

She still doesn’t trust me enough – so I build some comfort by telling about my family – relating to her experiences and so on. She warms up. And we’re almost at Stanley Park – I know I have to escalate – this girl wants me – I say screw it and get her into the park – again makeout session – she is moaning… mmmmm… I teach her how to bite me and she learns really fast – she got me so riled I was even moaning myself – she was awesome.

So yes, after we spent like an hour just fooling around in the park her and I had to go – I got her a taxi and I got myself a taxi too and we went our separate ways.

I’d like to meet this girl again – she is exactly my type – petite, a little bit shy, has a cute smile and she has an amazing body. I hope I didn’t overdo the sexual stuff, but hey, it was an awesome experience.

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